Mariana Panchuk is an artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She loved drawing since early childhood and especially enjoyed fictional stories and images. In school years she was studying at the art school, and later studied design at the institute. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree, she has been working as a pattern and graphic designer at the printing complex. Eventually Mariana decided to expand her possibilities for implementing her creative potential and become an independent artist. She prioritizes continuous development and is always open to cooperation with others in the interesting projects.

Mariana's artworks are always meaningful. This is a distinctive feature of her art. Naturally, each of the drawings has its own significance for the author. Nevertheless, the viewer is given a possibility of finding their own association and freedom to realize their own perception. Very often in the same figure a separate person finds his/her own outlines of the images that are totally opposite to the vision of another individual. Thus, her works reveal what lies in the subconscious mind of the beholder, as a reflection of the inner world, not only the artist's but also the viewer's.



  • "The House, In Which ... ", anticafe "Bergamot", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • All-Ukrainian Cultural Art Project "Under The Cover of Woman", Kmytiv Museum of Fine Arts  named after I.D. Bukhanchuk, Ukraine.
  • International Art Festival "Talent Energy Fest", Kyiv Fortress Museum, Ukraine.                                                               


  • Exhibit in a context of opening of the new event space "GRAF", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • All-Ukrainian Cultural Art Project "Young Ukrainian Inspirations", Odessa Art Museum, Ukraine.


  • Graphic Art Festival "NARBUT", art center "Lokaciya", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • All-Ukrainian Exhibition and Competition of Fine and Decorative-Applied Art, National Academy  of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv. 


  • All-Ukrainian Christmas Art Competition ("Talent Energy Fest"), Museum Workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
  • "The Art of Loneliness", Pavlovka Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • "Blanket Statements", Orange Box Gallery, San Francisco, USA.




  • Pop-up exhibition "UNSPOKEN" at La Dolce Berlin, Berlin, Germany.




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